One Piece Double Recap: Episodes 382 & 383

This was suppose to be a tiny break from me. Just wait for this filler to be done. Get these three out the way, and wait for the stat of one of the better One Piece arcs to start. Unfortunately, as seen last Friday, that won’t happen now. As you may or (somehow) may not have heard, One Piece is leaving the Toonami block for good. Although, Jason Demarco and co. have said that we should never say that One Piece won’t be returning to Toonami in the future, let’s be real. It’s still far behind where it is in Japan, the ratings have sucked (although, it’s good for 2:30 AM on a Saturday, but tell that to the higher ups.) And quite frankly, it wasn’t going to get any more casuals than it already was. Me and basically everyone knew that One Piece wasn’t gonna last forever on Toonami. But to see it abruptly get taken off the block like that, with only a week’s notice? Yeah, it’s bullshit. I’ve believe we should’ve at least gotten a damn month to grieve over this. 2 fucking weeks isn’t enough. But alas, it’s gone after this Saturday, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I shall pour one out in my next and last recap for One Piece we we have the show that is replacing it in …. Tokyo Ghoul. Uggghhh, this is gonna suck. But that’s TV for you. Anyway, more grievance for later. For now, let’s get on with these recaps. This one involve two girls, a sea raccoon, a greedy resort owner, and the return of everyone’s favorite (read: hated) One Piece filler character. On to the double recap.


Ep. 382 “The Slow-Slow Menace “Silver Fox” Foxy Returns”

Original Airdate: 12/21/2008

Toonami Airdate: 3/4/3017

The gang are at a spa resort, along with a bunch of other tourists. Robin and Nami are content with the place, and so are the audience.

EP 382

The resort, called Spa Island, has everything. Spas, baths, pools, saunas, even cola baths and milk baths. It also has games, a casino, and lots of food. The guest are the priority, as the host/owner Doran serves them. He also talks of Rainbow Candy falling, which only lucky guests get to see. The island itself gets 10 Billion Berries a year to maintain, plus the World Government recognizes it. Hell, pirates like the Straw Hats can enjoy themselves there as guest without any worry. It makes Robin okay with it, as Nami thinks of the 10 Billion Berries. The guys, meanwhile, enjoy saving fun on a pool as a girl watches them. It suddenly starts to rain, but it rains candy. It’s the Rainbow Candy, as it makes them lucky. Luffy eats alot, gets fat, and the girl watching them laughs at them. She has a transforming sea raccoon with her named Nukki. He talks with Chopper, who informs him the girl is named Rina, as it transforms again. She’s hungry, so Luffy gives her food. He mention that they’re pirates, who are so different from what Rina is used to. As in, they’re silly. She then calls for her big sis, Sayo, to also have some food.

EP 382 3

As they eat, Sanji sees Nukki transform. Since the sea raccoon can turn into anything, he wants him to transform into “something hot and sexy.” Nukki does, only with his own body, disappointing Sanji. So he tells Nukki to transform into Nami. He does, but he’s a very small version of her. It works for Sanji. It causes Nami to punch him. Robin sees a notebook they have, and when she does, they are about to leave. However, as they are, someone arrives with that laugh we all know. “FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-FE-FE-FE-FE!!!!” That’s right, he’s back again, as “Silver Fox” Foxy and his 2-man (ummm, one woman and a gorilla?) crew are back again.

Image result for one piece episode 382

He’s actually after the sisters, but seeing Luffy and co. here only makes it better. However, Luffy forgets him, making Foxy depressed. After a flashback to what happened before, Luffy now remembers old “Spit-Head”. The crew also remembers the beams he shoots out, and how to avoid them. But, Foxy has a new thing: The Mirror Ball. A machine that is his face, made out of mirrors and reflectors. He shoots off a “Slow-Slow Beam”, it bounces off the reflectors, and hits the crew and the girls. As it last 30 seconds, Foxy takes the notebook from the girl, and makes the footing above them go away, having nothing but sea above. Brook and Franky arrive, all good from their baths, and as the Slow-Slow Beam wears off, Luffy tells them to kick Foxy’s ass. As Franky shoots at them, Luffy saves the girls, seeing he is made of rubber, and Robin saves the others. Foxy, seeing Luffy has new crewmates, tries to attack again, but as they get in the Mirror Ball, Hamburg breaks all the mirrors. Luffy Bazookas the annoying trio out into the sea. The tourists on the resort freak out from this fighting.

Nami knows the girls’ book was the target, so she has them make them tell what’s in it. The notebook has special instructions on how to make a gem. It’s their dad’s notebook. He’s a scientist, and in the book, there’s a map with a “X” and some steam coming from nearby. They also have 99% of the stuff for the gem, but can’t read what is on there, and need a clue for it. Rina though thinks the gem is fake, and that her dad didn’t know how to make one cause he was a moron/liar. As the shows flashes back to why Rina hates him, it shows their dad coming back with bad news, as he found a type of beetle that could destroy the village. But the towns’ kids fooled him, and he laughs it off as he’s happy the village will be safe. He loves the village cause it’s where their mom was born. His research will save the village itself, even if you can’t make gems, you have to find them. Luffy thinks their dad was funny, but Rina doesn’t. He left 3 years ago, and hasn’t return. He might even be dead now. But Nukki returned a month ago (He was with their dad for his research) with the notebook. Luffy still likes it, and will search for this gem with them. But Rina tells him that Sayo is looking for it, as she is her bodyguard. Sayo though believes there is a way to make the gem. However, as she is about to say so, a trap door opens, dropping Sayo down it. Doran, the resort owner, has been listening in this whole time, and wants the secrets to the notebook himself.

EP 382 2
Enjoy Robin just relaxing


Ep. 383 “The Great Scramble for Treasure! Collapse! Spa Island!”

Original Airdate: 12/28/2008

Toonami Airdate: 3/11/2017

The place is booby-trapped, as Rina wants her sister back. As Doran says, Foxy was working for him all along. They can’t read the map at all, and Sayo has been taken. Rina asks for Luffy’s help, and he agrees to it. We wants to see that gem too. So what is Luffy’s plan to saving Sayo? Simple: Destroy the resort. Finding Sayo, as well as the gem, would be easier that way. There could be an easier way, but Zoro agrees with it. As does Sanji and Robin. Brook will follow his captain’s orders, so he’s in. The crew will destroy the place, as Franky goes handles the Sunny. They start to wreck the place, as the guards on Spa Island try to stop them, to no use, as the crew beats them up. They’re in Franky’s way too, as bullets bounce off of him. He falls, gets angry, and shoots them. As Doran gets mad at all this, he decides to use his giant cannon, which was acting as a chimney. Sayo then appears in front of the cannon, as he is now her hostage for the Straw Hats destroying his expensive resort.

EP 383 2

Doran has the cannon go above her, and fires it to show what the Straw Hats are dealing with. He then has it lowered back at her, as he is tempting to blast her too. He’s given up on having them solve the mystery themselves. Rina wants Sayo back, and will give him the book, but Sayo ain’t having it. She wants them to solve their dad’s mystery themselves, since his hopes and dreams are in it. Rina still doesn’t like her dad, as it flashes back to a birthday party the girls were throwing for him. They made a cake, but he didn’t show up for it. A day passed, and the cake went bad. Their dad returned, and saw all the trouble they went through with it. Rina wakes up to find him, as he has 30-year old insect shells to help with his research. But he changes the subject and eats the cake quickly, getting sick from it. But that wasn’t the whole story that Rina knew. Still sick, their dad tells Sayo he was sorry for the cake, but he had to get the insect shells since he wouldn’t be able to for another 30 years. He sees himself in Rina in being impatient, as Sayo is kind like their mom. Sayo tells Rina also that he did it so the bad guys wouldn’t find them. It then flashes back to a time when the family was looking for 4-Leaf clovers, but Sayo found 3 already. So through her dad’s words of doing hard work and not giving up, Rina decided to find a 5-Leaf clover (just like in Futurama.) She found one, and she believed his words. Rina still has the clover, and this makes her believe in her dad again. In turn, she changes her mind about handing the notebook over.

This allows the Straw Hats to go all out on Doran. Robin grabs him with her many hands, and Usopp shoots some tabasco in his mouth. Chopper gets Nami to Sayo to free her, but sees a lock on her. Zoro though is on the cannon, and with a Giant Iron Cut, he slashes not only the cannon into pieces, but frees Sayo from the lock. Brook cheers the group on himself.

EP 383

Doran has another plan, as he releases the ship’s balances, causing the place to collapse. He fires the cannon at Luffy, but Luffy dodges it. He goes into 3rd Gear and makes a Bone Balloon. He uses Giant Axe on the cannon and resort, crushing it. Foxy’s crew wakes him up (read: slaps the shit outta him) just in time to see Luffy split the resort in half.

EP 383 3

Rina thinks Luffy is awesome for this. But Luffy becomes tiny, and the two fall into the sea. As Luffy drowns, Rina sees something underwater. It’s an underwater volcano that looks just like the big “X” in notebook’s map. Sanji saves them in time to see Spa Island collapse, and the giant “X” to be seen by everyone. The volcano was not only the clue all along, but right under Spa Island itself, and Doran didn’t know about it. The magma from the volcano gives off steam, just like in the book. The steam then forms a “Round Rainbow” in the sky, which the crew likes. It is called the “gem of the seas’ for a reason. Foxy and co. are mad at Doran, as that was the gem all along, as Doran flees from them. Nami and co. see the rainbow is backwards, and it makes Sayo wonder.

Many days later, a bird arrives to the Straw Hats on their ship. It transforms into Nukki, as he has a message from them. Sayo was right about the notes. They went home, did the stuff with the chemicals they had that made up the backwards Round Rainbow, and just like that, a gem was made. Not only that, their dad came back home too. To thank them, Nukki gives them the gem they made, making Nami happy. However, a Rainbow Candy storm hits the ship, and Luffy is handling the gem. A piece hits him, causing him to drop and lose the gem.

Overall, this was just a filler to help the show go on to the next arc. The good thing, it wasn’t bad filler. Sure, it had Foxy and his crew there, but the good news is, they weren’t on for as long as they were the last time we saw them when the new Toonami first showed One Piece again. The girls, and Nukki, were cute, and while their story was merely ok, it’s still leagues better than what Shippuden is showing now. Doran was ehhh as a villain. But let’s look at the good news. The Straw Hat girls in bikinis.

Image result for one piece episode 382

Related image

Image result for one piece episode 383

And how can I not include this gif from the anime gods.

Image result for one piece episode 382

Not bad filler. Just a pretty good time with some very good pics. Next week though, I, along with the rest, will say goodbye to this great show. That will be my last recap for One Piece. I hope you can tune in.

Episodes 382 & 383’s Grades: Both 3/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami




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