Samurai Jack Ep 1 Recap

Hello people guys this is meowth900 here. I’m back at recaps with Samurai Jack season 5. The newest season after more than 10 years of cancellation. Jack is still trying to get to the past to stop Aku, so let’s get going with what happened in episode 1.
The story begins with a woman giving birth to 8 babies. That’s a lot of babies. 

Also Aku is a wooden statue who has daughters bowing to him like he is a god. Wonder where he went?

Then there were blue people getting attacked by monsters. Then a badass unnamed motorcycle dude rides in and beats them all up. 

The badass motorcycle dude’s mask comes off and it showed a manly man with a beard. 

No it’s not Jojo, it’s Jack-o. 
Jack leaves on his badass motorcycle and it is revealed that it has been 50 years that he was trapped in this world. And he doesn’t age, yet he has long hair and a manly beard. He’s also facing some bad nightmares inner demons involving his mother and father saying he has no purpose. 

While Jack is suffering with his inner demons there was a young woman training to be a hardened warrior. The training was harsh, but she got through it. Lots of fighting and also there were boobs. Not big boobs with nipples, but there were boobs.
Back to Jack, he’s still traveling until he meets a robot guy who sounds like Spongebob Squarepants with a funny accent. Tom Kenny was that you? He has a funny name, can play a musical instrument, and has Aku on speed dial. I like this guy already. Jack like his usual badass self kicks the robot’s ass, steals the robot’s weapon and leaves to continue his journey home.

Also those daughters I mentioned before. They leave the castle with a command to kill the samurai. Also the old song from over 10 years ago came back. Felt like I was a kid again when hearing that song. Good choice on that adult swim.

All and all this show is fantastic. It’s also lots more violent. There hasn’t been much swearing that I know of yet. But I love this show regardless. If you have time watch this new season of Samurai Jack on Saturday nights at 11pm, if you don’t you could watch the reruns of it on Wednesdays at 10pm and 2:30am. It’s a great cartoon that deserves use a lot of attention. 


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