One Piece Final Recap – Ep. 384 “Brook’s Great Struggle. Is the Path to Becoming a True Comrade Rigorous?”

Original Airdate: 1/11/2009

Toonami Airdate: 3/18/2017

And so, here we are. The final episode. After nearly 4 years, 187 episodes, 3 major arcs, some good fights, two new crewman, one rescued crewmate, some annoying villain laughs, and a bunch of shenanigans, One Piece has finally ended its Toonami run. And maybe its US TV run for good. It was a fun ride. It helped me watch the dubbed episodes. It helped me make a bunch of friends online. It made me and others happy, sad, angry, any emotions that come from watching this great show. It still has many fans, and many, many haters as alot of shonens do. And it still has alot more to go. But the show, while now no more on Toonami, is going to sail on. I’ll get more to that at the end. But for now, let’s pore one more out and say goodbye to what some, including me, say is a very dear friend. My last One Piece recap ever.

On the Sunny, during a calm night, Brook is enjoying himself on night watch, even if he might fall asleep. He thinks of Laboon, and how he’s making his way to him still. He did find something interesting on the ship. A treasure hidden away. What treasure is it? It’s the journal of all the Straw Hat’s adventures so far together, as he wants to be a part of it. In the morning, Brook wakes the crew with his “Black Handkerchief of Happiness” song. It pisses off the crew, except for Luffy, who sleeps through it. Since they’re stuck in calm waters with no winds, the crew enjoy themselves by having food. Brook is too excited cause of the journal he found. It has everything with them stopping the war in Alabasta, to going to Skypiea, to visiting Water 7, and saving Robin at Enies Lobby. He hopes he can make a name for himself in the next entry. He just wants to prove himself. The only thing he can’t do now is watch over his food when Luffy’s around.

EP 384

To start by proving himself worthy, Brook decides to help Sanji with the dishes. As he does, Sanji is about to serve tea to Nami, but Brook trips up, nearly destroying all the plates as Sanji has to save them. Brook decides to serve Nami the tea, as it pisses Sanji off. After asking Nami to see her panties, he sees she is working on her map of the world. It’s her dream, after all. Serving tea, he’s too fascinated with Nami’s beauty, and pours some tea on himself. He also drops some on her map. He tries to clean it, making it worse. She tells Brook to scram, apologizing to her. Luffy calls him over this time, as Franky and Usopp are working on the new “Super Franky Cannon”, while Chopper dries his herbs. Brook wants to help, so Franky tells him to grab a cola barrel for the ammo. Brook grabs a barrel, and they load it in. They find a target, fire …. and nothing. They increase the cola pressure, but it makes the cannon go haywire and explode. The crew is covered in sticky stuff, as Luffy taste it. It’s not cola, but soy sauce. Brook grabbed the wrong barrel. Franky is mad at this, but Luffy is happy cause it makes his food taste better. As everything is going wrong, Brook sees Zoro working out. He watches him, and wants to be like him, a better swordsman. Brook joins him in mediation, but in doing so, he needs to go to the bathroom and needs Zoro’s permission to move. This annoys Zoro, but it gets worse since Brook’s legs stiffen up and he can’t move. Zoro is forced to carry him to the bathroom quickly.

Brook has been nothing but trouble. He finds Robin. She doesn’t need any help watering plants, but she can see that Brook is being troubled by something. He tells her how he tried to help, but failed. He wants to help Luffy and co. in everything, and all that pride he had at Thriller Bark was motivating. But with all his fears and insecurities, Brook feels he isn’t gonna stay with the Straw Hats for long, and might go back to being alone. Robin understands, since she was the same way.

EP 384 4

She felt she wasn’t good enough, and nearly threw away her life for them, to pay back their loyalty and kindness, as it flashes back to the time at Enies Lobby. Brook can’t believe it, as Robin now knows it was a mistake. She tells him that friendship is worth it through it all. As Luffy tells Brook it’s time to eat, Brook asks him if he was good enough to join the crew. Luffy says he was. He asked, so it was fine. It shocks Brook, but makes him feel all relieved. As the crew enjoy themselves, Brook sees how the crew is. He sees how clam it is here. He goes to sit, and falls asleep. Brook remembers how long it’s been. It flashes back to him having that dream of his former crew being alive after they all perished. He knows how lonely it was, to have the same repeated dream over and over, never to find any solace in it, to wake up to the reality of his situation. Now, he can hear different voices. The voices of his new friends, his new crew, all doing whatever they want to at this time. He may have died and is nothing but bones, but Brook is happy to be alive at this moment. Brook takes out his violin and plays Bink’s Booze, as the crew hear it throughout the ship. They like it. Brook knows he will have new adventures soon, as he will have stories for Laboon. He hopes his old friend will still wait for him. But for now, the winds pick up, and the sails perk up. The crew is ready for their next adventure, as Brook promises to give it his all.

EP 384 5

And so, that is it. That is my last recap for One Piece on this site all together. No more battles. No more funny bits. No more emotional moments over ships, cyborgs, and skeletons. No more weird Devil Fruit’s. No more fun characters we will see. No more One Piece on TV. It was a fun ride, and it was fun recapping this from the start of Swim Squad all the way back at episode 313. 1 1/2 years I’ve been recapping One Piece episodes. It sure does feel like alot, when in reality, it has only been 72 episodes total I recapped. I still don’t feel like this should end. It just doesn’t feel right. I’m still feel like this at times.

Crying gif

But alas, it’s all done. And yet, it’s not. One Piece’s time on Toonami may be done, but there is still more to come. Funimation is still dubbing the series. Both it and Crunchyroll are still putting out the new episodes when they air. It’s still going strong in Japan, and at times, here in the US. There is still alot more to come from this crew for years to come, as it’s still not over yet. And while Toonami is done with it, its fans aren’t. Some of my friends/One Piece faithful have come up with a way to continue with One Piece after it ended.

Starting (as of this writing) tonight, you can join a bunch of One Piece fans as they continue the journey of where One Piece left off at from Toonami at episode 385. It will be every Saturday at 10 PM, and there will be 2 episodes each before Toonami begins. If you are interested, you can join them with the hashtag #OnePieceSailsOn. By the way, watch it either on DVD/Blu-ray, or on Funimation, Crunchyroll, or Hulu/Yahoo View. Basically, any legal site that you can watch it on. It be a great way to continue the legacy of this great show, as the show would march on to some of it’s best episodes.

But as I said, this is the final recap from me of one of my favorite shows. It was great recapping this. I hope you enjoyed my recaps too. I thank everyone of you who participated in joining me in whenever I got it out. Thank you so much for continuing on this fun journey with me. Even though we might not see One Piece again on Toonami, we should always hold hope that it might come back again. Until then, the journey continues.

EP 384 3


My Final One Piece Recap Grade: 4.5/5.




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