Samurai Jack Ep 2 Recap

Hello fellows its meowth900 again with another recap of Samurai Jack season 5

Aku wakes up and does his morning stretches and deals with some poop. No literally he deals with talking poop people. He says he’s a new Aku who isn’t big on fighting anymore. He also snaps at the poop people for getting poop all over his floor. Poor guy has to vacuum the floor again. Then Aku winds down with some therapy with…therapist Aku? Who wears a sweater and glasses?

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I’m shocked too. Aku reflects on how Jack keeps living and not doing anything in this futuristic world. He also wishes Jack would just die. Both of them laugh like the evil villains they are.

Meanwhile Jack is getting attacked by the daughter of Aku. And he’s still dealing with his inner demons. Also there’s an inner Jack that is most likely the Jack from season 1 through 4 telling him he has no purpose and to kill himself.

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Poor season 5 Jack I just wanna tell him everything’s all good.

Meanwhile there’s a wolf in a forest that’s getting attacked by a crocodile bear. That wolf is representing Jack and his struggles.

Jack’s battle with the daughters continues until Jack finds his sword. He hides in a coffin gripping the sword handle, scared to death of what to do next. He makes his daring escape but one of the daughters attacks him. Jack is faced with the kill or be killed trial. Jack chooses to kill. It didn’t look as brutal as you would think thankfully but it sure traumatized Jack. If you’ve watched all of the previous seasons of Samurai Jack you would know Jack has only killed robots, and wounded humans. Yet this is the first time he’s killed one.

The episode ends with Jack falling into the water with blood, and the wolf in the forest on the ground also bleeding. Will Jack and the wolf friend live? Guess we’ll find out in the next one.

You can watch season 5 of Samurai Jack on Toonami at 11pm, and also catch the rerun on Adult Swim Wednesday nights at 10pm and 2:30am.

Speaking of 2:30am there’s no more One Piece on Toonami, but you can join in the One Piece Sales On group watch on Saturdays at 10pm right before Jack time. We will be watching 2 episodes of One Piece starting from where Toonami ended at. It’s great community time, and if you’re down for that follow either @jaceymon05 on Twitter or @#OnePieceSalesOn on Twitter for weekly updates on what episodes of One Piece we’ll be watching. You can watch the One Piece episodes on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation Now, or on the DVDs. Keep the straw hat spirit alive!


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