JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, Episode 14 Recap: “The Warrior of Wind”

Original Airdate: March 15th, 2013

Toonami Airdate: April 1st, 2017

Kars: you did an air guitar bit, and *didn’t* play “Roundabout”?

Wamuu finally unleashes his ultimate ability, Atmospheric Rift, which is revealed to be an extremely pressurized stream of wind that cuts through anything with ease. He has Joseph pinned by the fire about to cut his head off, when he gets the idea to set Wamuu aflame using his open wounds and a bottle of oil. However, Wamuu senses the bottle and slices it in half, leaving our hero defenseless. Using one last trick, Joseph lights Ceasar’s scarf on fire and tosses it in the air, but Wamuu cuts it into pieces. Unbeknownst to him however, this was all part of Joseph’s plan: to force Wamuu to suck up both the oil from the bottle and the flaming pieces of the scarf inside of himself, causing his entire body to burst and leaving only his severed head.

But Wamuu is still able to speak for a bit because, well, JoJo.

During Wamuu’s dying moments, he and Joseph share some parting words in which, despite the pain and suffering they’ve inflicted on each other, they respect each other’s spirit and determination as warriors. Wamuu makes peace with the fact that he has finally found an opponent in his life that has bested him in combat, and prepares to fade away. The moment is interrupted by a few vampires who attempt to ambush Joseph, but Wamuu uses the last of his strength to eliminate them, preserving his honor and pride before fading into dust. Once all is said and done, Kars looks upon the scene and prepares for his turn to battle, finally taking off his head-wrappings and revealing—EVIL BAOH?!

Kars brings Lisa Lisa to another area of the coliseum in order to do battle, using his bone blades while Lisa Lisa chooses to stick to her scarf as the weapon of choice. He vanishes immediately, with no sign as to where he could be, but he pops out of a crack in a pillar to ambush Lisa Lisa. She manages to get the drop on him with her scarf, but then the battle takes an unexpected turn: the person Lisa killed was a vampire in disguise, and the real Kars stabs her through the chest like a coward, obtaining the red stone for himself. Having obtained his goal, Kars sends the remains of his vampire army to attack Joseph, but he receives some unexpected assistance from none other than Von Stroheim and his army, using powerful UV lights courtesy of Speedwagon (who shows up as well along with Smokey). As they fend off the vampires, Joseph decides to take on Kars by himself, but since he has no interest in fighting fairly, he decides to set up a little distraction: hanging Lisa Lisa from a rope dangling over the ground, forcing Joseph to grab the rope to stop her from splattering all over the floor. As he hangs on for dear life to protect his mentor, Smokey and Speedwagon observe from the distance, with Smokey revealing to the audience that Lisa Lisa is, in fact, Joseph’s biological mother, ending the episode on this cliffhanger.


What I love so much about this episode of Battle Tendency is how it manages to highlight the key differences between all of the Pillar Men as characters, and not just the two we see in this episode, but all of the ones encountered in this arc. Wamuu remains the most unique of them as, despite the fact that he has the same potential for destruction as his comrades, his pride and honor take precedent above all else. After all, what good is a warrior without any guiding principles or philosophy? That just makes them nothing more than a spineless coward… something that Kars seems to have no issue with. He embodies more of a mix of the other Pillar Men’s personas: being a master strategist like Wamuu, embodying a pure killer instinct like Santana, and the weird offbeat trickster nature of Esidisi. It really gives you the sense that Kars is pretty much the alpha of the group who imparted something onto each of his underlings. And the stakes only really ramp up from here, with him being the only one left. He has no reason to hold back now, and will use whatever tricks he can to win and gain the stone. With Wamuu dead, the maintenance of honor basically means nothing to Kars now, and it’ll be incredibly tense to see how things progress from here. I give this episode 10 leg guitars/10.

What did you think of this episode? Let us know down in the comments below.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency airs every Saturday night at 12:30 AM only on Toonami.


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