Naruto Shippuden Episode 152 Recap: “Somber News”

Original Airdate: 3/25/2010

Toonami Airdate: 4/1/2017

Hey, it has been awhile since my last Shippuden recap, and alot of things have happened:

  • Shippuden was in filler hell, so I stopped it.
  • One Piece left the block, and Tokyo Ghoul replaced it.
  • Samurai Jack came back, and it looks better than ever
  • Rick and Morty, of all things, divided the Toonami community, because it interrupted Jack.
  • Oh, and the Shippuden anime itself has FINALLY come to an end. Only took 500 episodes to do so.

There was a bunch of stuff that happened during Shippuden that I missed. But, as stated in the last recap a couple months back, it’s all filler. I don’t care for filler. Especially Shippuden filler. I DESPISE Shippuden filler. It was one thing making it through that god-awful Yukimaru arc. Even if this was shorter, I wasn’t gonna do this yet again. And so, for now on, whenever Shippuden is gonna be on for the time being, I’m only gonna cover the canological episodes. I don’t care what you think. This is my damn decision. I want to keep my sanity. Shippuden filler makes me lose it. And I’m definitely not gonna cover the next one, which is basically them as their original selves in who-knows-why-they-did-these adventures. Cause the final 80 episodes of the original series wasn’t enough filler to glorify us with. (Also, in the last recap, I said Naruto’s Island Adventures was after this. Sorry, that’s the next filler arc after that filler arc. My bad.) Anyway, I’m back again for this, and we are now on to one of the best Shippuden arcs the series has: The Pain arc. Get ready for a wild ride, starting with this episode, in which blondey learns some news we all knew about a while ago. Let the recap begin again.

Hey, people watching the filler. Remember Utakata? Yeah, he was the Six-Tails. I said was. He’s now dead, and the remaining Akatsuki members sealed away his Tailed Beast. Again, should’ve been a canon character. But he wasn’t. Anyway, only 5 Akatsuki members remain, and 2 Tailed Beast are left. Madara sent Sasuke to catch the 8-Tails, and vouches for him. Back in the Leaf, Naruto is still thinking of what Itachi told him. It flashes back to their meeting we saw, and talking about Sasuke, Naruto being more of a brother to the emo than Itachi, the Genjutsu they got in, etc. Itachi talks of what would happen if Sasuke were to attack the Leaf? Naruto doesn’t believe Sasuke would do that, but Itachi makes him ponder if Naruto would kill him. Naruto says he’ll defend the Leaf, but stop Sasuke without killing him. Because Naruto is being this, the show flashes back within a damn flashback (Kill me now, please) to the original series to Jiraiya saying Naruto was a fool to be like this in this world. And Naruto staying this way, and going by his “Ninja Way”. Itachi is happy by this, so he decides to make him eat crow. Literally

NS 152 1
Tastes like chicken

Itachi hopes this power he shared Naruto doesn’t use. Cause why give it to him, if he isn’t? Naruto wonders why he even did this.

Back to Team  Emo Supreme with the Horny, Deranged, and Suigetsu Taka, Sasuke brings Killer Bee to Madara, who knew Sasuke could do it. He’s gonna rest before going to the Hidden Leaf. After, Madara asks Sasuke what are his intentions and if he will carry Itachi’s wishes. Sure, Sasuke is feeling grief now over losing Itachi. But apparently, it’s now deep. So deep in fact, that not only will Sasuke kill the elders, but he will slaughter EVERYONE in the Hidden Leaf by himself, while not telling his crew. Sasuke will do this cause, just like his life met more to Itachi than the village, so does Itachi’s life was more precious to Sasuke than the village. He goes on about hatred, baring it and feeling love and what not. To me, it really made him sound like a crappy Twitter troll. In the Cloud, the Raikage hears of his brother’s kidnapping, and is furious. He will make the Akatsuki pay for it.

Back in the Leaf, Naruto is still in bed, until Kakashi tells him that Tsunade has summoned him. They go and find Chief Toad and the other frogs there. (Everyone’s rage starts to boil from the sight of them.) Naruto thinks something has now happened. They go to Tsunade, and find everyone in a sad mood. Also there is Fukasaku, one of the old toad sages and Jiraiya’s master. He sees that Naruto is the one who is “Jiraiya-boy’s” student. Naruto is ticked at that nickname, but no matter. Fukasaku is here to tell him the news: Jiraiya died in battle.

NS 152

Naruto can’t believe this news, as it’s all too sudden. He gives them the rundown. Jiraiya learned of the Akatsuki leader being in the Hidden Rain, went covert to get info, faced/fought him, found out who Pain was, and saw it was the former students of his. They beat him with the Rinnegan, there were many Pains, and even though Jiraiya found the Rinnegan’s trick, got killed. The old toad shows the message Jiraiya left on his back to have them decode it. Naruto knows now that Tsunade let him go, as it flashes back to her and the Pervy Sage’s convo before he left. As Naruto leaves, he tells her that if Jiraiya were the 5th, he wouldn’t let her go. Fukasaku can see Naruto loved Jiraiya, and hopes he is the Child Of Prophecy that is told.

NS 152 2

As Naruto is walking through the town, the show flashes back yet again to the original series, showing their training and adventures throughout where they became like father and son. It makes Naruto depressed, but a popsicle breaking makes Naruto come to think of something else.

NS 152 3

So we finally got here. We got to the point where Naruto learn of his Master’s passing. And it was a …. thing, I guess? He wasn’t too happy about it. But then again, either was most of us having to wait through a filler arc and Sasuke being Sasuke before he finally knew. Want to know how long it’s been since Jiraiya died on the Toonami block? I’ll give ya some time.

Still need more time? Go on.

Have you figured it out? Well, here you go, if you didn’t.

That’s right. NOVEMBER! November 5th, to be precise. It’s been over 5 months and 19 episodes before Naruto found out. How is that possible? Sad part is, it took that long as well between the original airdates, so try to be a person who had to wait that long before finally getting to this. The good part was, this was okay in how it was delivered. At least to me. It was the only good thing in the show, along with Itachi’s and Naruto’s meeting. The bad part? Everything else. Seriously, why are people fans of Sasuke? He fucking sucks, and him wanting to kill everyone cause “Itachi is precious to me”? No. Just no. Also, too many damn flashbacks, yet again. *Sigh* I know it’s suppose to work with all the memories of Naruto’s time with his pervy master. But really, there were too many throughout this episode. Mostly, it was an average return for me. There may be some who will be sad the next episode, so prepare for that. Oh, and enjoy your new timeslot, Shippuden fans. Cause you now have One Piece’s “death slot”, at least according to some. 2.25 Welcome Backs to Recapping This/5.


Naruto Shippuden can now be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami





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