Samurai Jack Episode 3 Recap

Hello fellows it’s meowth900 here doing a recap for Samurai Jack again. 

This week’s episode began with our boy Jack still recovering from his battle against the daughters of Aku. He killed one of them, and he still has a really bad wound in his stomach. 

He hides out in a cave and pulls out the knife from his stomach. It was pretty painful to watch, much like Edward Elric alchemizing a solid pole out from his gut. Afterwards we see the other Jack except he was bigger and scarier. Past Jack tells Present Jack that he’s been thorough some bad stuff before, and probably even worse stuff.  Past Jack also says the daughters of Aku are looking for him and that he doesn’t want them to kill him. Present Jack does not accept this at all and he passes out. 

Then there was a big flashback about Jack and his family traveling. Some people stopped the vehicle and talked to his father the emperor and then a big fight started, Kid Jack peeps out and watches the fight and gets blood all over his face. The event made a big impact on him. 

Jack wakes up from the dream and sees the white wolf from episode 2 with him. The two of them healed and rested together and became good buddies. 

The scene was so cute it made me squee a little.  When the 2 of them are all healed up they depart. The wolf goes on his own path, and Jack is ready to fight the daughters. 

When encountering the daughters he warns them to leave or face the consequences. The daughters refuse and the battle begins. Jack takes the daughters down easily like it’s nothing. He even dropped one off a cliff. Unfortunately Jack slips and falls down the cliff too. And the episode ends there? Oh my god I hope Jack isn’t dead!!!! 

You can watch new episodes of Samurai Jack season 5 on Toonami at 11pm, and the reruns of it on Wednesday nights at 10:00pm and 2:30am.


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