Samurai Jack Episode 4 Recap

Jack didn’t die in last episode’s literal cliffhanger hooray. He and one of the daughters of Aku both survive the fall, and while a trail of blood follows her, she gets the drop on Jack just as his PTSD leads him to hallucinate crows calling him a “Murderer!” Jack and the daughter of Aku are swallowed whole by a giant monster. They spend 80% of the episode in the creature’s bowels. 

They fight off monstrous antibodies and both endure raining needles sticking into their skin and arguing a lot. Jack saves her life several times while trying to convince her that her idol Aku wants him dead. Aku is actually the evil one, all the while keeping her chained up and strapped to his back. She continues to try to kill him, which gets very annoying for Jack and me too. 

Jack has another conversation with himself. Past Jack attempts to convince Present Jack that he should leave her to die. I think it’s a good idea to be honest. Present Jack refuses to do so, insisting he can show her the true nature of Aku’s evil. Eventually, Jack hitches a ride on one of the fishy antibodies to escape the monster through a blowhole and are thrown into the sea. Finding refuge on a small island. The daughter of Aku attempts to sneak up on Jack using her sickle before she sees a ladybug. 

No it isn’t the miraclulous ladybug it’s a real ladybug. She’s hit with a flashback to her childhood training, where ladybugs were expressly prohibited and crushed. She then watches Jack hold a ladybug and release it into the air. Ashi drops her weapon. The episode ends with her dropping her weapon. 


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