Naruto Shippuden Episode 153 Recap: “Following the Master’s Shadow”

Original Airdate: 3/25/2010

Toonami Airdate: 4/8/2017

It only took 6 or so months, but Naruto finally learned of Jiraiya’s death. And he wasn’t too thrilled about it. Here’s the aftermath of learning of his death.

As Naruto leaves, Tsunade remembers the talk that she and Jiraiya had before he left, and Fukasaku snaps her from it. The Leaf comes first before emotions, so they have to show all the stuff Jiraiya left behind, including a Rain Ninja he captured in one toad, while in another toad, a Pain he killed himself. As Naruto traverses the town, he finds a poster that advertises one of Jiraiya’s books, and it makes him flashback to him being pervy.

As the toad with the Pain body vomits him up, they see the Rinnegan on him. They also get a photo of the message Jiraiya left behind. Fukasaku will return to Mt. Myoboku, and hopes they have Naruto contact him. Of course, Naruto is still being sad, and still has more memories of Pervy Sage. All their training, all their fun. It even shows Naruto getting the outfit he wears now after ruining/outgrowing the old one. Iruka meets up with Naruto, and wants to have some ramen with him, but Naruto ain’t feeling it. Iruka knows something is wrong with him since he passed up ramen. As Tsunade talks with Shikamaru, her mind is all over Jiraiya, as she can’t handle it right now. She leaves, thinks about him some more in flashbacks, and it makes her cry for the “stupid fool”.

It’s nighttime now, and Naruto is just in bed, all depressed. He leaves and goes to a 24-hour convenience store (I guess they have those there?) He gets a popsicle for two people, and all his emotions come pouring out.

NS 153

Iruka arrives, as he now heard the news of Jiraiya. Naruto tells him how he only showed his worst side to him, but Iruka consoles Naruto about how Jiraiya wouldn’t want him to be like this, how he loved Naruto, and is still watching over him. He would want Naruto to be who he always is. And for that, he breaks the popsicle Naruto has, and gives one to him. Naruto thanks Iruka for all this.

In the morning, Shikamaru and co. still can’t decode the message Jiraiya left behind. A girl with glasses named Shiho is with him. She suggests they need  “a key”, someone who was part of Jiraiya’s life who would know what the message was. Shikamaru decides that Tsunade or Kakashi may know it. He tells Shiho he’ll be back, and this excites her. (I know I usually shit on girls with stupid crushes on this show, but they usually like FUCKING SASUKE!!! and not Shikamaru. So this gets a welcomed pass.) As Shikamaru asks Kakashi what the message means, he can’t read it, except for one part: 106. However, 106 in this case is what Jiraiya saw in centimeters.  As in Tsunade’s big, bouncey melons. Yeah, not the clue at all. Since Tsunade doesn’t know either, Shikamaru decides to go to Naruto, who is still not in a good mood. Naruto lets him in, but even as Shikamaru shows him the code, his thoughts are still on Jiraiya. To snap him out of it, Shikamaru takes Naruto to the hospital. There, they meet Kurenai-sensei. She’s a bit bigger in the belly area. Can you guess what Naruto thinks she is? Fucking idiot. Anyway, Asuma made Shikamaru promise to watch over their kid, to be his master growing up. He heard what happened to Jiraiya, and Shikamaru knows all too well what Naruto is going through. Being depressed isn’t gonna help, so it’s time to move on. Do what Jiraiya and Asuma did: Be the teachers to the next generation. Cause someday, Naruto is gonna be a sensei, and be a cool shinobi like their teachers. Naruto smiles and agrees. It helps him out of his funk.

NS 153 2

Overall, this wasn’t a too bad episode. It was a good way to show Naruto and Tsunade on how they’re handling their emotions with Jiraiya’s passing, and it was a good way to see how Naruto gets help from those around him from getting cheered up from his depressed mode. Sure, Naruto was still being his dumbass self when he couldn’t recognize that Kurenai was pregnant, but mostly, this was an overall good episode that, even if flashbacks aplenty, helped here with all that it set up. Also, a girl who had a crush on someone that wasn’t Sasuke is a breathe of fresh air. I like that too. 3.5 Emotional Blondes/5. Yes, an actual good Shippuden grade from me. Didn’t think you would see that, huh?


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami




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