Naruto Shippuden Episode 154 Recap: “Decryption”

Original Airdate: 4/8/2010

Toonami Airdate: 4/15/2017

In the last episode, Naruto and Tsunade were sad cause of Jiraiya’s death. Esp. Naruto. But with the help of Iruka and Shikamaru, Naruto was able to snap out of his depression to move on to helping the next generation. And for deciphering what his master left behind as a code.

As Tsunade gathers some of the intel ninjas around, Fukasaku tells them how Jiraiya didn’t want to fight Pain, but had too. He still got the message, with a Pain body, and a Hidden Rain ninja too, getting 3 critical sources they now have. The frog with the Rain guy expands, as Tsunade tells them to not go easy on the guy. They still also have the message, which Naruto doesn’t know what it means. However, a part of the message was bothering him. The first one which is a katakana letter. Shikamaru and the others thought it was the number 9. But Naruto points out it’s actually the letter (Japanese, of course) “ta”. It makes Naruto remember seeing Jiraiya write his books, and having Naruto read his drafts. The letter “ta” was always hard to read, since it always looked like a 9 when Jiraiya wrote it. It was a writing quirk he had that only Naruto knew. They look over some more of Jiraiya’s stuff and find it’s the truth. Shiho decides that the clues could be in the books Jiraiya published, which there were about 4-5 of them. Naruto doesn’t remember which book had the letter “ta” is on, but Kakashi does. It was “Make-Out Tactics”, which was the only one with it on there. Shiho digs some more, and finds that 6 page numbers should have the clues to what they need. In order to get it, Kakashi needs to read what’s on the pages out loud. Kakashi doesn’t want to, but Naruto gets irritated that Kakashi has no choice. He says “I love you” to an embarrassing point. It is a book Jiraiya made, after all.

NS 154

After reading all the pervy stuff out there, Shiho finally deciphers the code. It reads “The Real One’s Not Among Them”. Naruto doesn’t know what it means. And neither does Fukasaku, as he flashes back to that Pain/Jiraiya fight, not getting any idea as all.

The old toad told all he knew of Pain, and it’s too dangerous to take him on now. Naruto, being impatient, wants to speed up the autopsy of the Pain body so he can avenge Jiraiya. But Fukasaku knows that if Jiraiya couldn’t beat Pain, what chance does Naruto have now? But since he’s here, it give him the opportunity to finally tell Naruto what he wants to do: He wants Naruto to learn Sage Jutsu. Fukasaku is mad too that Jiraiya got killed, but he knows no one now can beat Pain. Except for maybe Naruto, if he learns this Sage Jutsu, as long as he hammers it all in him at Mt. Myoboku. Tsunade allows Naruto to go with Fukasaku to learn Sage Jutsu. So Naruto says his goodbyes to everyone, and off they go. Just one problem: Naruto has no idea where Mt. Myoboku is. Bigger problem: It takes a month to get there on foot. But no worries. the old toad came prepared. He Reverse Summons, as both him and Naruto disappear, leaving the others in the Leaf to solve the rest of Jiraiya’s clues. Naruto appears again, but he is in a strange place. He is in the Land of the Toads, Mt. Myoboku.

NS 154 3

We see Gamakichi himself summoned Naruto here, and so now, they all eat. Shima made all the food. Except it’s all grubs, caterpillars, and shit. It makes Naruto nearly vomit smelling it. Tasting it makes him really do it. He’ll have to get use to not eating ramen for awhile. Now that this is done, it’s time to get to training and the basics of Sage Jutsu. Sage Jutsu isn’t like ninjutsu, since that uses “inner energy” (Or, the chakra inside a person.) Sage Jutsu uses “outside energy”. Basically, Sage Jutsu uses all of nature from the atmosphere, terrain and whatnot to get the energy to flow in. All the nature energy can give a boost to ya by mixing up the 3 energies inside, making a person alot stronger. Did you get all that? Cause Naruto sure didn’t. Only a fucking ice cream analogy from the orange toad is what gets Naruto to catch on. But hey, why explain when Fukasaku can show it. He makes a hand sign, gathers some nature energy and touches a big frog statue. He lifts said statue all by himself.

NS 154 2

This is what Nature Energy-enhanced Sage Jutsu can do. But Naruto himself can’t see nature energy or take it in. So how does he do it? Well, there’s one thing Naruto has to do first: He has to die. Oh boy!

So this episode was a stepping stone for the training stuff we will see for a couple of episodes. It did have some weird moments. From Naruto needing to die and eating bugs, to Kakashi being embarrassed, and us learning Jiraiya has a weird way of writing. That can be turn into PHRASING!!

These next few episodes are definitely gonna test some people patience, since it is a training thing, and you know how shonens LOVE their training episodes to stall for time. The Naruto series is akin to this. But hey, at least this one is fairy short before the full backing of the Pain arc really takes over. Oh, and there will be a bunch more toads on here too. Sorry about this. I really hate them myself, but we’re at Mt. Myoboku, their home. What can you do? Before I end it, the ending theme for this batch of Shippuden episodes is one of my favorites.

The ending animation showcases Hinata being all happy and joyful, while riding a bicycle through the countryside. Even if the show hasn’t actually showcased any damn bikes at all through this series. It’s still a very cute ending that I always liked. So with that, 3 Best Girls Riding Bikes/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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