Samurai Jack Episode 5 Recap

Tonight’s episode begins in the desert. An army of men on tanks lines up on the battlefield, while several women in Scottish clothing play bagpipes. The men on tanks charge forward. The target? Aku’s evil lair. Aku emerges from his evil lair as a fireball, and kills a lot of the army. The women run while their big bearded father with the funny accent tries to take on Aku by himself. The old man teases Aku by telling him that the Samurai Jack is still out there. Aku gets angry and kills the man. The daughters vow to avenge their father. Lot of daughters avenging this season. From beyond the grave, the father returns as a spooky ghost, and plans to defeat Aku. The father also looks very familiar. It appears he is the Scottsman from previous seasons. He was Jack’s enemy once but then they became good pals. Flash forward to Ashi watching Jack, trying to determine what to do. She has a vision of her mother the high priestess, who demands her that Aku is the one to follow. Ashi asks for truth, but the priestess becomes angry and says that Ashi failed Aku. Jack awakens from his samurai nap and asks Ashi to get on a sea creature with him. They travel across the water, and reach land. Jack thanks the sea creature, and then he bids goodbye to Ashi. However Ashi refuses to leave. She wants Jack to prove that he is good. I guess we aren’t rid of her yet. But she is becoming more tolerable now compared to when they were in that giant monster’s stomach. Jack agrees to show Ashi the full truth after a lot of arguing. He walks her through the forest, showing her the trees that Aku destroyed. But there was one big pretty red tree that shows there is still hope on this bad future. Afterwards Jack takes her to the city of Aku, where he shows her the criminals who Aku associates with. Eventually, Ashi wants to help Jack out. But Jack says “there’s no hope.” The city gets attacked and during the chaos and rubble Jack and Ashi find a blue man, who tells them that all of the children have been taken. They are now in Aku’s factory. Jack and Ashi find the children, and they are under a sound-based mind-control. They also look like angry fluff balls that could be confused with Pokémon.  Ashi looks for the source of the sound, but she is caught by Aku’s robots. Cause can’t be a woman in an action cartoon without a kid napping right? One of the robots zaps her a bunch of times. Meanwhile the children tear apart Samurai Jack. I guess Jack can’t kill them all because they are children being mind controlled. Ashi breaks free and she and the robot get into an big fight scene, and Ashi gains some sort of magical shock powers. She unmasks the robot and throws him against the electronics in the room. That appears to send out a powerful sound which knocks out all of the children. Jack is devastated, and he walks outside following a mysterious man on the horse from his visions. Jack then disappears into the fog. Ashi enters the room with the brain washed children, and finds them waking up. The bad news is Jack is gone. She screams his name but hears no response. Where has our beloved Jack gone? 

Oh no not the Jack died cliffhanger again. There’s too many of those and they’re makin me stressed out man. Guess we’ll find out what happened to our main man in the next episode. Hoping for more of Scotsman the friendly ghost next week too. Dont forget Attack On Titan season 2 starts its simuldub premier on Toonami after the hour of Goku. 

You can watch new episodes of Samurai Jack season 5 on Toonami at 11pm, and catch the reruns of the episodes on Wednesday nights at 10pm and 2:30am. 


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