0215MADman’s Final Thoughts

the end
This is the first and last time you’ll ever see me do this, only because of the Wayback Machine.

First, let me address the elephant in the room: we aren’t disbanding the Swim Squad because our founder, Starstorm, is currently on her indefinite hiatus from the Internet. We’re all responsible adults (actually that’s a false statement, neither I, PersonaSoda or even Starstorm herself for the first few months of the site were adults) and we aren’t collapsing because she’s not here right now to point the way. I think we’re disbanding because, well, we’ve lost the motivation to continue writing for the site. Let’s just run down our members: Starstorm has not been seen online since Trump became president (whether or not that’s a coincidence I don’t care and neither should you). Rob has a podcast over at Surreal Resolution he’s been working on for over half a year. Cedric_Alpha is also writing at SR, although he also has personal issues going on. Meowth900, PersonaSoda, and I have school shit to deal with. KrisSimsters has her blog that she writes on. We don’t talk with Bnjrivera much, so I’m not sure about him. Szuniverse has Toonami Squad. And I’m convinced LegendoLegends completely fucking forgot he was a member. Basically, since Starstorm left, the site kinda got AIDS. Can we keep going? Of course. But at the same time, it’s best just to end it now because let’s face it, what have we done in the past few months besides Toonami recaps? Not much.

And when I say disbanding, I don’t mean “The band’s broken up, it’s done, it’s over.” We’re all still friends and, at the end of the day, we’re just gonna keep doing what we’re best at doing: Talking on Twitter about how Cartoon Network’s Schedules are shit.

For those wondering if I’m going to continue the two recaps I was working on (Tokyo Ghoul and Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell), no. YPF is long overdue and I’m not gonna bother continuing it. Same with Tokyo Ghoul, which I only did because I had the slightest bit of interest, something the rest of the members didn’t. I never started the next recap for either series.

Where can you find us? Besides Starstorm and Bnjrivera, all the rest of the members are on Twitter almost every day. As of this writing, I’m aware of the Surreal Resolution, where both Cedric and Rob write reviews, articles, recaps (they’re currently recapping My Hero Academia and Samurai Jack respectively, although please note that the SJ recaps are unrelated to Meowth’s) and if you want to go to THE NEXT LEVEL, you can listen to Rob talk to you about music with his Decibel Boost podcast. Szuniverse will continue to write with our friends over at Toonami Squad (no relation). KrisSimsters still has her blog, which I’ll link to at the end. Meowth900 just released her own blog, also linked at the bottom. Me? I also have a blog! Adult Swim Lifeguard, which I update…infrequently. I am writing an article for my blog that will be up shortly on how I don’t think Warner Bros. Home Video is doing anything wrong (focusing on their JoJo DVD release and how they’ll handle Sam Jack S5).
There’s also Poprojo. I, RogerSmith2004, @MetalDanIRL and a couple others update an [adult swim] Content Rating Archive! Why are we obsessed with them? I don’t know! Point is, that’s there if you want.
Also if the Swim Squad continued, I would’ve totally done a Titan Maximum review when Gundam ended. It was supposed to be made for December but Unicorn. I would also have to wait after IBO S2.
I also wish I had reviewed Superjail!. 9 corpses out of 10, go see it.

One last thing I want to say. It’s more or less a message for Starstorm, but I think she got the memo during her time on teh internetz, so here goes.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this club about [adult swim]. I think that Top 20 I made and the JoJo recaps were some of the most fun experiences I had here. Probably because right now, without you guys and the other Twitter peeps, I might’ve gotten depressed. But because I met people who actually give a shit about what I have to say, it gives me more power to keep on going with my life.

I was ecstatic when Starstorm announced they wanted more members. I knew I HAD to hop on the train, despite my experience being…lacking. I had known most of the members for a couple months at least, so to a certain degree I was familiar with how the site works.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say my two cents on [adult swim]. Which is currently doing a hell of a lot better than Cartoon Network’s Great Depression right now. I had fun, and I hope to continue to have fun in the future.

[adult swim]


RobBarracuda’s YouTube Page (my go-to source for Decibel Boost): https://www.youtube.com/user/theunknownmaggot

Cedric_Alpha’s Personal Blog I never mentioned: https://greensupercedric.wordpress.com/

Meowth900’s New Shiny Blog: https://meowth900.wordpress.com/

KrisSimsters’s Blog: https://krissimsters.wordpress.com/

My Blog: https://adultswimlifeguard.wordpress.com/


Poprojo: https://sites.google.com/site/poprojo2/home

Our Twitter handles (as of this writing) are @Star_Overlord (Starstorm), @RobBarracuda, @cedric_alpha, @meowth900, @CyberArsene5 (PersonaSoda), @KrisSimsters, @bnjrivera, @0215MADman (Me!), @szuniverse, and @LegendoLegends.

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