Meowth900’s Farewell To Swim Squad

Hello fellows it’s meowth900 here with some sad times news. As you have heard from KJ the site is shutting down. A real shame because I remember good times were had here. With me laughing at Rick and Morty and watching the fun animes on Toonami this site was a good time. I loved my time spent with Abby, KJ, Kris, Ian, Sam, and others in this place. 

Some of my favorite times spent on this site was reviewing light novels and manga. It was also spent reviewing my favorite anime like Food Wars and Monster Musume. I also enjoyed recapping samurai Jack for as long as I did. I also enjoyed reviewing the first half of Parasyte the maxim but my glob the second half was a real chore to get through to be honest. My friends on this site got me through all that pain. (Also shoutout to KJ for recapping all of One Piece before it got cancelled and being ballsy enough to suffer through recapping stuff in Naruto Shippuden. You a boss)

The bad news is no more meowth900 stuff on swim squad. The good thing is I’ll still be here on the internet. I just won’t be here. You can find me on twitter, Facebook if you’re lucky enough, or my new blogging area. 

New blogging area you ask. Well I made a new blogging site and it’s also on this word press website. Only difference is it will be my own thing where I can do whatever I want or whatever you fans of my swim squad articles want. You can find it at and eventually I will post a welcome article for people who choose to stumble upon it. My plans for the meowth900 blog is to keep doing what I did here, but at my own pace and maybe add some more of the stuff that I like doing into the blog. Also if anyone wants to hire me to write stuff for you I’m down for it. 


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