Naruto Shippuden Episode 156 Recap/Final Recap: “Surpassing the Master”

Original Airdate: 4/16/2010

Toonami Airdate: 4/29/2017

As we progress on with Naruto Shippuden, we are seeing Naruto train and learn more about Nature Energy and Sage Jutsu. We also see that Pain is ready to attack the Hidden Leaf village. This is all going to come to ahead next week. However, I won’t be there to recap them anymore. As stated earlier today, Swim Squad is ending, making this the final Shippuden recap as of now. It’s a sad time for this site ending. As for Shippuden recaps ending? Ehhhh, I guess Naruto is sad.

NS 153

Anyway, it’s time I start the final recap of this show.

At the frog statues, Naruto isn’t getting any better at getting Nature Energy in him, since he won’t sit still. Using no toad oil is basically making it harder, but hey, no shortcuts this time. Naruto does think of taking the oil with him to fight Pain, but that’s a no, since all the oil evaporates immediately when it leaves Mt. Myoboku. Naruto just needs to concentrate better. To do this, Fukasaku takes him to a bunch of pointy rocks. There, Naruto will have to balance on a stone slab, not moving at all. Naruto tries it, and it goes about as well as you think it would with him. At least Fukasaku saves him with his tongue. Naruto fails each time, thinking it’s ridiculous to learn this difficult thing. Jiraiya-boy learned how to do it here, as the show flashes back to a young Jiraiya training with and having fun with Fukasaku. He not only had more guts, but he only trained between missions, so it took awhile till Jiraiya got it all down. Still, Naruto has less time to do it. So he uses Shadow Clones to speed it up. All he needs to do is learn how to balance. Simple, right?

NS 156

Only to have the same result happen yet again.

NS 156 2

After marveling at a colorful, “Larva Rice Ball” (Or “Larva Jelly Donuts”, if this was 4Shitz), Naruto continues to train and get better at sitting still. Even when a rainstorm comes, it doesn’t faze him one bit. He gets good by the next day, and is finally amassing Nature Energy at a quick rate. He finally forms inside of him all the Nature Energy without toad oil. This has him form rings around his eyes. He is showing Sagehood. He is becoming a sage himself, and being better than Jiraiya.

NS 156 3

Of course, a bird knocks him off the slab, and causes him to fall. But Fukasaku doesn’t help him as he hits the ground. Naruto didn’t feel much impact, and is perfectly fine. This is Sage Mode. Since Naruto is mastering it and Nature Energy, he can move on to one last thing: Frog Kumite.

Back with Team Sasuke, Suigetsu is pissed at Karin for losing his blade, while the useless, wet redhead is annoyed with him. Jugo tries to calm them down as they need to be one. Sasuke enters, and tells them they’re not going after the Tailed Beasts anymore, since he has a new power. Of course, that new power is affecting him internally. Karin sense a presence outside. A Cloud Ninja named J is sending messenger lizards out to the Cloud to give the location of the group. However, Sasuke kills the last lizard, and J is surrounded. Back in the Cloud, we see the Raikage being furious they lost Bee and Yugito (remember her?) They know Sasuke Uchiha did it, but wonder why the Hokage isn’t doing anything about it. Another Cloud Ninja sees the messenger lizards stopped coming.

Back to Naruto, he is sparing in Frog Kumite with Fukasaku. Fukasaku wins, but Naruto is getting good at it. So much so, that Fukasaku can’t keep up. As they sleep, Naruto wakes up and goes to train by himself. The Raikage learns of the message lizards stopping, and having enough of this, he summons a team to scout, another team of 3 to deal with Sasuke, and wants to have a “5-Kage Summit” about how to deal with Sasuke. That team of 3 ninjas we meet? They are Samui, Karui, and Omoi. Omoi is the most worried one, and he always thinks of the worse to happen. Karui is the firey redhead who is always firey. And Samui? Well, she has something I like.

NS 156 4

NS 156 4

For real, they may be even bigger than Tsunade’s. If only Jiraiya were here to see them-I mean, her. Of course, Samui saying her sholders are stiff cause Omoi to point out the main reason, and to point out why Karui’s sholders aren’t. Cause she’s as flat as a board.

Back with Naruto for a second, he destroys a mountain training at night. He finally mastered something he wanted to do in Sage Mode, and hopes no one catches him. The Cloud Ninja approaches Team Sasuke’s Hideout. They explode the front door and get in, but only find J’s dead body left behind. The 3 know of their mission now. They also hear what happened to their master, Killer Bee, thinking he wouldn’t be taken down so easily (At least Karui thinks so.) The Raikage cries as he tells them they will rescue Bee, making them cry too. The episode ends with Naruto and Fukasaku sparring in Frog Kumite, as Naruto comes at the old toad with all he has.

And so, we come to the end of the recaps for this show. It was a wild ride throughout. Filled with ups and downs. Mostly downs. So, so, so SOOOOO many downs. I can’t help it. I said all I said in my full review of it. This show basically diminished all the good that the original Naruto has done. Be it with shitty MC’s, bad filler arcs that go forever, too many girls lusting for Sasuke. Or making bad guys who shouldn’t have redemption get it. Oh wait, that’s still happening later and boy, it’s gonna be bad. The thing I’m probably gonna miss the most from this, other than the readers, is the way my snark got through on this. And I’m glad I was snarky. Some of you I know love my Shippuden snark. It’s what kept me and others going with this show. Plus, Swim Squad gave me a freedom to write up all the snarky shit I could when Shippuden presented the opportunity. And boy, there was alot of opportunities. I have to thank this site for that. From where I started on this with the now-defunct Toonami United, to having Abigail tie me up, forced me to watch SAO with my eyes taped open, till I sadly agreed to do this have me recap this show on here, the journey has finally come to an end. Like One Piece, I had my own fun with doing these. Unlike One Piece, this show will continue on for however long Toonami is on (or until its contract expires.) Shippuden, it was great knowing you through these recaps once more. As for this recap, one more grade to give it a farewell. It was … Okay. Naruto training was pretty good, even if he is still being himself. The Cloud Ninja’s are still fun to see. And like before, Karin is still a useless skank who diminishes every once of being I have. Other than that, a pretty good episode to close out the recaps.

Final Recap Grade: 3/5. 


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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