News: Swim Squad is officially ending as of May 1st

Kadeem here, and well, as much as I didn’t want it to come to this, as much as anyone on here didn’t want it to come to this, it had to be done. Swim Squad is officially ending the site, effective at Midnight. It’s a sad time, and I am sorry for this happening all of a sudden. But quite frankly, it was for the best.

Why are we ending this site? For one, we have no leadership. Our site’s creator, Abigail, or Star_Overlord as you may know her on Twitter, left Twitter for good to deal with personal problems awhile back. However, us here at Swim Squad have no idea at all why she left and if she will return. Of course, her personal health comes first before anything that happens. So if you read this Abi, we all hope you are doing well. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to create stuff on this site. You took a chance, and it helped me in getting to where I am in reviewing anime/whatever. That said, she was the one who ran things on here/she created this site. The schedule for articles we wanted to do, bringing in new members, getting things ready to go, etc. And since she left, no one has really ran this site properly. I know I haven’t, for sure. No one has. Because of this leadership lapse, others, including myself, have just gone on their own ways, not getting stuff done, or forgetting we are apart of this tight-knit group.

It brings me to issue #2. The articles themselves. As you can see, other than a couple of new things, mostly all we been doing is Toonami recaps the last couple months. Sure, it does bring in readers, but we needed more than just Toonami recaps. But that’s mostly all we did, and it wasn’t enough. We always wanted to work on more than just Toonami stuff. We expanded into Adult Swim and other stuff involving anime. But as said, it was all we did, and we just can’t continue this. Especially since we sometimes don’t get the recaps out till 2-3 weeks later, if at all.

So to end it, I like to thank everyone that has worked on this wonderful site since August 2015: Rob, Kris, Rentaro, Allison, Ben, Dillon, Sam, Ian, and Abigail. We all had fun as a group, and all became good friends in the process. Some of us we’re good friends before this, so it was great to know each other more. I know we will continue to be good friends after all of this.

As for what’s happening next? Some of us are still making stuff for other sites like Surreal Reso and Toonami Squad. Some are contributing on podcasts like Toonami Faithful and others. Most have blogs they made themselves to create what they want to talk about, so go check out what they have to day on there. As for this, there will still be new stuff coming out just for today until Midnight. Some will be their own farewells for the site. After that, you can still read whatever past articles are up, but there will be no new stuff. Swim Squad is done for now. Maybe in the future, the site may return. But quite honestly, I don’t know if that will happened.

I like to thank every loyal reader around the world who read our articles, tuned in to what we did, and help keep us busy throughout. You were all great. Thank you for reading all our great articles/reviews/recaps/whatever we did to help you through the day. As it is, this is farewell for now. We will always be one here. Swim Squad forever, baby!


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