Samurai Jack Episode 6 Recap 

Hello people it’s meowth900 here coming at you with another recap of Samurai Jack season 5. This episode is like a big old fanservice episode. Except unlike anime they aren’t shoving boobs and panty covered vaginas in your face. 

This episode picks up with Ashi riding a blimp across the terrain, looking for Jack. While on the blimp, Ashi meets two characters who sound familiar. They take off their cloaking disguises and they are the two mammoth creatures from way back in the beginning years in Samurai Jack. 

The two characters share their story about Samurai Jack. Back in the day Jack risked his life in order to save them from slavery, and they owe him eternal gratitude.
The story reaffirms Ashi’s theory to trust Jack, and she jumps out of the blimp and begins to look for him. Ashi comes across a bunch of archers in this forest. They know Jack, and they tell her a friend of Jack’s is a friend of theirs. They show her their home, and explain that it would not exist were it not for him helping them out. The group of archers had been cursed. They guarded a big scary castle for a while. Samurai Jack defeated the archers back then, but instead of taking advantage of the archers he freed them giving up the chance of moving forward with his quest. Aw Jack what a good boy you are. Since the day, they have not seen Jack. But they promise to help Jack and now Ashi in any quest they ask.
Ashi comes across a rave, filled with thousands of creatures. When they learn of her quest to find Samurai Jack, they tell her their story of how Jack saved them. They also danced a funkalicious dance. During her trek, Ashi has a flashback. We learn that the black covering her body is not armor – it is burnt coal. When she was very young, she was thrown into lava as part of her iniation of devotion to Aku. As she rubs off the coal, and after walking around naked, she covers her self with a nature dress. Because going naked in an American cartoon for a long time upsets the standards and practices of the big bosses of a TV network. But that’s only if you’re female. Also shoutout to earth day when this episode aired.

Now Ashi goes to a bar where she meets a bartender who Samurai Jack taught. He kinda looks like a samurai version of Mr. T. Outside the bar, she meets a character who tells her how to find Samurai Jack. After climbing through the woods, she sees Jack in what appears to be a cemetery. 
Separately, we return to the old city from episode one, where Jack fought Scaramouche. Or as I call him the funny robot with the accent. Scaramouche appears to have survived his fight with Jack, and he eventually makes it to Aku’s city.
 Scaramouche finds a phone after sneaking around on a talking penis head and calls Aku. He tries to tell Aku that Samurai Jack had lost his sword but 3 dogs including a dog who really looks like Astro from the Jetsons, and another dog who looks like the dog from 2 stupid dogs pull him away before he is able to tell Aku about Jack’s sword.

As a tiny head!

Meanwhile in the cemetery the warrior on the horsie summons other ghost warriors, and tells Ashi that Jack has not fulfilled his purpose; therefore, he must meet his end. He is about to commit suicide, when Ashi stops him. Ashi convinces Jack to not listen to the warriors; but she must fight the warriors to set Jack free. The big warrior almost kills Ashi, but Jack wakes up because Jack is good like that. He defeats the warrior, and saves Ashi. The warriors all go back to warrior heaven. Valhalla…nah that’s Vikings. 

This episode of Jack was basically a flashback episode to old Jack stuff but it also had some action. I liked this episode. We are past the halfway mark so Jack is almost over. 

You can watch new episodes of Samurai Jack season 5 on Toonami at 11pm. You can also watch the reruns of the episodes on Wednesday’s at 10pm and 2:30am. 


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