NEWS: The Return of the 4am Infomercials Premiering on 03.14.16

Unfold the nightmares of selling out! The groundbreaking late night oddities that went viral in 2014, secretly labeled on the schedule as “Infomercials”, are finally coming back for a new season of surreal and unexpected live-action shorts starting next week, Monday March 14th (or more technically on Tuesday the 15th) at the dizzy hour of 4am ET/PT.

The magic of this series is that we barely know anything about these top-secret upcoming projects, and everything just stumbles upon our eyes unannounced, giving us an old-school sitcom theme song or a virtual ad about meds. Even more now that it feels like this new batch of Infomercials might not be revolving about selling products or paid programming at all! This season of experimental shorts is made from a bunch of different creators and producers, and cryptic titles such as “Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep”, “Big Grams”, “The Six Pack Comedy Minute”, “Lords of Synth”, “Mulchtown”, “Newsfails”, “Giles Vanderhoot”, “Ultimate Beetles Collection” and more.

BUT we can get a small confusing grasp of what the season premiere of the 4am Infomercials may be. The new series will be off to a strong start, with an 11-min short called “This House Has People In It”, created by Alan Resnick and the Wham City collective, the same people who crafted the masterpiece “Unedited Footage of a Bear” and “Live Forever As You Are Now with Alan Resnick”. Also alantutorial. And there are a few unsettling teasers for it, which I don’t get how these doesn’t get enough hype since it’s probably what everyone’s gonna talk about on the web the next day.

New Infomercials will premiere on Adult Swim every Monday night and will reair Tuesday-Friday at 4am ET/PT, followed by a rerun of last season’s Infomercials at 4:15am. In the meantime, you can become aware, catch up, or obsessively rewatch all the other shorts entirely on YouTube!

We’ll never be prepared for this.


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