InFamous: Second Son & InFamous: First Light: Kris’ Game of the Month, April

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This is going to be fun

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m going to get a little biased today because we’re going to be talking about the two games I love the most on my PS4 and they are InFamous: Second Son and InFamous: First Light. Now to be fair, I’ve been a huge fan of the InFamous series, I loved playing the first two games on my PS3 and I was kinda stocked when I learned at E3 2013 that they were going to be making InFamous: Second Son and more ecstatic when I learned about InFamous: First Light at E3 2014. I was honestly hoping for an standalone involving Eugene (even though his level was hard as hell to get through (I died at least three times my first playthrough)) but if it isn’t out by now, then I don’t think we’re going to be getting that. Anyway, I personally love this series and so we’re going to be talking about it. So lets get into it, shall we?


Are you Good or Evil?


InFamous: Second Son and InFamous: First Light were both developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published under Sony Computer Entertainment for the PS4. InFamous: Second Son was the first of the two be released, coming out on March 21st, 2014 while InFamous: First Light came out on August 26th, 2014. It takes 10-20 hours to compete Second Son 100% and it takes 4-8 hours to complete First Light 100%. InFamous: Second Son scores 8.7 on IGN and 4/5 on Metacritic while First Light scores 7.5/10 on IGN and 3.5/5 on Metacritic.

While InFamous: Second Son follows its processors InFamous and InFamous 2 and has good and bad karma (leading to two endings based on your choices, but you really know that if they make a sequel the its the good ending that’ll be used) First Light has only one ending, killing the man who killed Fetch’s brother, Shane.

Delsin’s endings both involve him going back to Akomish tribe; in the good ending, he’s able to cure his tribe and spray paint a memorable of Reggie while in the evil ending, he’s not allowed back into his tribe and is called a disgrace by the woman he wanted to protect the most, forcing him to do an Orbital Drop on the village, possibly killing all the villagers in the tribe.


“Aren’t I badass? I got birds mad of neon.”

Second Son and First Light has an amazing cast with Troy Baker playing the main protagonist, Delsin Rowe. Delsin’s brother, Reggie Rowe, is played by Travis Willingham and the antagonist, Brooke Augustine, is played by Christine Dunford. Abigail “Fetch” Walker, Henry “Hank” Daughtry, and Eugene “He Who Dwells” Sims are played by Laura Bailey, Alex Walsh, and David Stanbra respectively. Betty is played by Karen Austin and Celia Penderghast is played by Cassandra Lee Morris. In First Light, Brent Walker is played by David Stanbra, Shane is played by Travis Willingham, and Jenny is played by Ashley Johnson.


Badass is Badass

Even though Second Son came out before First Light, I’m going to start the plot off with First Light. And I’m secretly telling you to play it this way if you ever decide to give the game a chance (First Light followed by Second Son). Trust me, you’ll love it better this way, especially if Fetch is/or will be your favorite character. Moving on.

InFamous: First Light Plot:

The story starts out a young woman known as a Conduit sitting inside a specialized prison called Curdun Cay. She’s captured by the D.U.P and is ordered by the head D.U.P known by the name of Brooke Augustine to show off her powers. The young Conduit’s name is Abigail “Fetch” Walker and she’s to tell her tell of how she was living before getting captured by the D.U.P. Before getting captured, she was a runaway with her older brother, Brent. The two had ran away because once it was discovered that Fetch had gotten her Conduit power, she ran away from her with her brother because her parents had called the D.U.P. to come and get her, taking her to Curdun Cay.

With no other choice, the two turned to drugs as a way of coping, not only selling drugs but taking them as well. The two eventually gets clean (Brent gets clean first and has to hide Fetch’s stash in order for her to get clean) and for the next two years, Brent works towards getting a boat so they can go to Canada when the D.U.P doesn’t exist. The plot of First Light takes place when a group of Russian mobsters, known as the Akurans kidnaps Brent and destroy their boat. Fetch is almost killed by she uses her powers to survives. She starts looking for Brent when she meets one of Brent’s old contacts, a man named Shane, who is also looking for Brent.

Shane uses the Akurans kidnapping Brent and Fetch’s naivety to his advantage and gets Fetch to help him win a gang war against the Akurans. When they do win and Brent is located, Shane takes him as a hostage so Fetch can continue working for him, helping to cement his place as Seattle’s drug lord. Fetch tries to look for Brent on her own getting help from Jenny, a woman working in Shane’s tech support. Jenny tracks Brent down to three shipping docks, but they all turn out to be fake. And what’s worst, Shane realizes what Jenny’s doing and kills her.

With no one else on her side, Shane forces Fetch to slaughter the police force while he’s having a sit-down with the chief. Once the chief agrees to their terms, on the condition that Fetch leaves Seattle and never comes back. With that, Shane agrees to let Fetch get Brent and the two leave. It turns out that this is a trap so Shane can try and kill Fetch in a homemade gas chamber. Fetch, however, survives and as an act of revenge, takes out Shane’s men. Shane then “negotiates” a deal with Fetch, saying that he’ll give Brent back alive if she meets him at the Crocodile and once she arrives, he sticks her with a drug needle.

In her drug-filled haze, she accidentally kills Brent and as she’s left defenseless and distraught, the D.U.P swarm in and capture her. As she finishes telling her story, Brooke Augustine reveals that she knew Fetch’s story from the beginning, she wanted Fetch to work up her nerve and states that she has Shane in custody, offering the chance to kill him. Fetch’s willingness to kill Shane blows a hole into the wall, leading to the outside world.

When Fetch finally catches up to Shane (with no assistance from the D.U.P), she violently kills him, avenging Brent. Augustine reveals that she’s ready and along with Eugene and Henry “Hank” Daughtry, rides to military custody and along the way, Hank reveals a bent paper clip and uses it to pick their restraints. Once free, Hank hijacks their truck and crashes into Salmon Park where the events of Second Son takes place.

Smoke, Line, and Sinker

InFamous: Second Son Plot:

The main story takes place seven years after InFamous 2. A military truck carrying three prisoners crashes into Salmon Park, where our main character Delsin Rowe and his brother Reggie live. When the two out the crash, two of the prisoners escape, but when Delsin tries to pull up the third Conduit, a man by the name of Hank, he absorbs his Conduit powers of smoke. Delsin tries to go after Hank in order to see how to control his powers, but they are both caught by the the game’s main antagonist, Brooke Augustine. From here, the good vs. evil karma sets in. Unfortunately, you can’t be good and do anything bad karma related and vice versa. I played this twice, once as good karma and once as evil karma. I liked both, but the good karma gives more than the evil karma. Yes you get more stuff and you get the better ending, but the cutscenes for the evil karma aren’t that great.

It doesn’t matter if you tell Augustine the truth or not, she will still make you unconscious. Once woken up and seeing what Augustine has done to Betty and the other members of the Akomish, Delsin and Reggie set out to Seattle to absorb Augustine’s powers and reverse the damage she has done. Once in Seattle, Delsin meets Abagail “Fetch” Walker and Eugene “He Who Dwells” Sims and absorbs their powers, Neon and Video (respectively) and once again runs into Hank.

Hank tells him that Fetch and Eugene are captured by the D.U.P and leads him to a trap set up by Augustine at a concrete island in Puget Sound. Reggie tries to save Delsin, but ends up dying and that leads to a battle between Delsin and Augustine that ends with him using his Orbital Drop, but Augustine ends up escaping.

Delsin runs into Hank one more as he’s trying to get away on the docks. As Delsin, you get to decide whether or not Hank leaves on a boat with his daughter. Even when playing on evil mode, I couldn’t let Hank die (again, I’m too good for a person) and that was the only good choice I made with evil karma.

The last boss battle of the game is Delsin vs. Agustine prt. II with Delsin gaining Augustine’s powers and has to beat her using her own powers. Again, I’m going to use the good ending which means that Delsin exposes Augustine and gets the humans and the Conduits to peacefully coexist. He then returns to the Akomish and cure the other tribe members before painting a mural for Reggie.

Pros & Cons:

Pretty, pretty graphics


1). Graphics: I love the graphics in this game, it puts my little TV to shame. Especially with neon.

2). Story: I haven’t said this in a while–don’t quote me on this–but this game actually has a good story. The only thing I don’t like about it is the ending, especially for the evil karma. Both endings are too cliche, but the cut-scenes for the evil karma aren’t that great honestly. Speaking off.

3). Music: This is both a con and a sin. Though I like the game soundtrack, I don’t like the game’s theme song. If your going to use Nirvana, then use Nirvana.


1). The Evil Campaign: The cut-scenes in this campaign are so out of place, especially with the ending, it like the devs put a little more attention to the good Karma campaign that the evil Karma campaign.

Final Thoughts:

Well, that was InFamous: Second Son and First Light. They were both good and both are in my top ten PS4 games. I hope you guys check them out, I’m probably going to play First Light again. My name is KrisSimsters, Stay Golden.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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